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Kevin James

I am google searching Michael O’Keefe shirtless
and run into Mark Healy as Glenn Quinn in real life,
who died of a heroin overdose on a friend’s couch

He was part owner of a nightclub, but I really like him on Roseanne

I like the bodies of men who play working class supporting characters in sitcoms,
like Doug’s friend Richie on King of Queens

But I also really like Kevin James; I like the shape and stature of his body in 1999,
the way his chest was just fleshy muscle, drooping breasts
that rested upon a pregnant belly with a soft expanse of brown hair

His arms were large and the muscles tired and rounded into soft pillowy fat

My desire is located at the curve of his worn bicep, and I place my head
there as I wrap my arm around him in a failed reach for his back
and smile as our flaccid breasts finally touch